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Insurance renewals are a con

July 6, 2010 8 comments

My current car insurance providers were going to charge me a whopping £891.15 for my renewal at the end of the month. A good £200 more than what I paid for last year.  I was adamant there was absolutely no way on earth that I was going to pay such an enormous amount.

I therefore went on a comparison website for car insurance and actually got a deal saving me £230.00. Hence my car insurance would only cost me £660.00 for the coming year.  The crazy thing is that the saving is actually with my current insurers.  I  phoned the insurance company and told them that I went to a comparison website and got a better deal on-line albeit with the same company and refused to pay the price on my renewal letter.  They were apologetic and renewed my insurance with the on-line price.

If you’re anything like me and want to save a few bob, make sure that you shop around before you renew any kind of insurance – motor, car, travel, contents etc.. I can assure you that  on-line window shopping for renewals of any kind will save you money.  Click here for my most favoured comparison website