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Traffic Sucks!

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I left work early today taking into consideration that the British government hadn’t properly prepared for the bad weather conditions. I thought leaving at 3pm would give me ample time to get home at least by 5pm and if I was really fortunate to catch at least 45mins in the gym. How wrong was I?

I thought I was well prepared. I figured my usual 30 minute drive from work to home would take roughly a couple of hours due to the snow. I brought with me 4 small bite size chocolates, a packet of mentos and a bottle of water. I resigned myself to the fact the journey would take as long and psyched myself up. Little did I know that my anticipated 2 hour journey would take a little under 4 and a half hours and I just thank the good Lord for gadgets like the mobile phone to keep me occupied whilst sitting in traffic that did not move. Yep, Twitter and Facebook has never been more entertaining. I got through the bite size chocolates and the packet of mentos but I did give up on drinking the water for fear of not being able to go to the loo. I did not want a full bladder to be the icing on the cake.

I am fortunate to be able to drive a 4×4 in the midst of the snow and I thank God that I changed my bald tyres a couple of weeks back. Though they were expensive to change, I believe God blessed me by knowing the bad weather would come and urged me to change it. I saw so many cars struggle on slip roads and lorry and truck drivers really put their foot on the gas but their vehicles wouldn’t budge.

Another thing that annoyed me was lorry drivers blocking exit roads unnecessarily which made the traffic jam much worse. I thank God that at least I’m home safely and for really giving me the patience to sit through all that mad traffic. I tell you what though, I brought work home with me because I am not gonna sit through that again tomorrow.

week 10 – Kids learning about God

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I finally tackled John 3:16. I was oooing and ahrrring about it but finally got the courage to talk about it with my 6yo son, Sam.
John 3:16 is a core verse in Christianity. Without God giving His only Son Jesus, we would have no salvation or redemption and so it was or is a vital ingredient in forming Sam’s Christian faith. As the verse is quite long, we stayed learning it for almost 3 weeks.

The first week, he copied the verse into his notebook and stuck the memory card on the mirror. I then helped him recite it but found the most important aspect of reciting the verse was Sam being able to understand what it meant. I therefore spent time telling Sam why Jesus died for us. He had many questions like ‘Why did God allow Jesus to die?’ ‘Why do we have to believe in Jesus?’ and ‘what is eternal life?’ Once he understood the meaning of the verse, it became revelation to him (his light bulb moment as we like to put it) and he could recite it better. Today I wrote the verse on a piece of paper and cut it up into small groups which he then had to put together (a bit like a puzzle).

He had fun doing this! The one thing that I have learnt about my time sharing to Sam about God is appreciating the time we have together. Though my 1yo lingers in the background doing her own thing, Sam appreciates the attention that I give him during these short intervals and these moments of bonding I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Bringing faith to work

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

If you saw a man about to jump 100 feet to his death, would you stand by and let him jump or would you try to stop him?

I read somewhere yesterday that if we do not share to someone the things that they have done wrong then their blood would be on our hands yet if we shared to them and they did not listen then we would be blameless.

I could not have it upon me not to share about the love of God and be a bystander of seeing someone go to hell. Hell is real to me and the bible tells us that everyone who does not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour will not be a part of Heaven. There are only two places to go to after death and that is Heaven or hell. Hell does not become me or anyone else.

How do I approach it at work? As always I would ask permission. If the person is willing to hear then I would share about God and His love. If not then I have done what was required of me and pray that someone might have been able to achieve what I could not. The boundary between professionalism and who we really are out of work is a fine line but I consider my pulpit my work place. Not everyone is called to be a pastor or a pulpit minister but everyone has an opportunity to minister in their workplace where ever that might be. Could you be sharing to someone whose days are soon numbered?

Holy Spirit got me out of trouble

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The meeting was definitely heated. I could see that the family were not happy and rightly so. I could hear my spirit within me talking in tongues yet I was just thinking ‘How on earth am I gonna get out of this one?’

My job has many different dimensions from dealing and managing staff to dealing with customers and making sure that everything ticks along whilst keeping harmony and balance within the work place.
I’ve learnt to totally rely on the Holy Spirit and each morning devote myself in prayer to ensure that every decision, action and thought that I make through the day is not only wise but favourable.

The woman opposite me was angry, tearful, hurt and honestly I could see her pain. I thank God that he gave me choice words. Words of comfort, words of encouragement, words of hope, words of wisdom and by Gods grace he granted me favour with her. I manage to alleviate her concerns and anxieties. There is no way on earth that I could have come up with what I did by myself and I just want to give God the glory for bringing me out of a very tricky situation.

Prayer is worth it. I know it and I’ve seen it work in every area of my life. Depend on God today to bring you out of any tricky situation you may find yourself in.

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