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The Encantada Experience

Searching through reviews prior to coming to Florida, I was disappointed to see that the new resort offered by Club la Costa in Florida was only rated 3 stars. Having been a member of Club la Costa since 2007, I have grown accustomed to the 5 star accommodation and service that they offer so to say the least I was a bit put out by the 3 star rating. However, I was pleasantly surprised upon our arrival to our two week vacation home had 5 star finishings – plasma screen with cinema surround sound, Egyptian cotton sheets, modern furniture, granite kitchen tops and jacuzzi outside. I can’t honestly fault the accommodation. It has certainly provided what my family and I need and it’s location to the club house and swimming pools are within walking distance.

The only down side which I am not afraid to criticise is the amount of room service we have had or should I say lack of it. We are still within the first week of our Florida holiday and I am a little upset that we are not having regular room service, provision of clean towels or made up beds. Isn’t that what a holiday is all about? The ‘not having to do anything aspect because it gets done by other people’. I did phone front desk and ask how often room service is and their reply was once a week. However, they said that I can request for someone to clean the apartment if I call in the morning. Though through all my years of travelling, I have never had the need to call for housekeeping because it is automatically done. In addition, we are expected to throw our own trash out. If you don’t mind doing a little bit of housework on holiday then the ‘Encantada Experience’ is definitely for you!

Now with all that said and done, Encantada is a superb investment for those looking to purchase property as it literally is only 15- 20 mins out from Disney, Sea World and other main tourist attractions. My family are enjoying Encantada and I would definitely come back in a few years with the great hope that they could sort out their housekeeping.

Ooo one word of advice, Encantada rent out their satellite navigation GPS systems for $25 a week. A far cry from the astronomically over priced $60+ a week at the airport. Whatever you do, don’t hire a sat nav system from the airport as I would consider it ‘daylight robbery’.

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