~A coffee break is a daily social gathering for a snack and short downtime practiced by employees in business and industry~ Wikepedia

Here at Coffee Break, anyone can get involved it’s not just for individuals who work but for mums too.  You’ll find a chance to get involved in small talk, have the opportunity to feed your mind, have a chance to wind down and reflect.

Whatever drink you have for your coffee break, chill and enjoy 🙂

About the author

Michelle P. Macadangdang is first and foremost a wife and mother amidst being a successful entrepreneur. She has a proven track record in business and personal coaching and has an expert ability to inspire those she develops rapport with.  She is the author of the inspirational book Be Somebody

Michelle is passionate and dedicated to expanding the Kingdom of God and her husband is the associate pastor of Jesus Miracles Ministries.

Michelle lives in Essex with her husband and two children.

This is the personal blog of Michelle Paddit Macadangdang. The opinions, random thoughts, industry rants and emotions expressed here belong to her alone and are not those of her church, husband, family, colleagues or poodle (if she had one :-)).

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